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Birth/beginnings/Initiation into life, emotions, following the flow of Life, unconscious wisdom and intuition

Laguz is the rune of water or the sea and the ancient poems tell of the hazards of churning water' and the `brine stallion' that does not heed its bridle. To the Vikings water was a frightening yet exciting concept because sea journeys could be hazardous, but could lead to wondrous journeys and great conquests and discovery of new lands. In the tales of noble exploits it is forgotten that many did not survive the voyages over stormy oceans.

The Aegir, the gods and goddesses of the sea, both gave and took life and offered fertility and wealth Sailors would always carry a coin with a hole in it or gold earring so that they might pay Ran, wife of Aegir, the principal sea god a tribute to live in her coral caves under the waves if they drowned. The sun shining on the waves was said to be Ran’s treasure.

When the leader of an expedition approached a new shore, he would throw into the seas the ainstafar, ( huge wooden posts from the abandoned hall at home) These would be used to mark the new enclosure and where the currents carried the posts ashore they too would land and mark out their new territory.