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Harvest, the results of earlier efforts realised, life cycles that can be fruitful or a repetition of old mistakes

Jera represents the natural progression through the cycles of existence, whether from season to season, year to year, the stages of life or a specific relationship or situation. Jera, the good harvest or positive completion of endeavour, is invoked magically for a good season or harvest), fertility of all kinds, to achieve any goals by hard work and nourishing to fruitful completion. Both the Norse and Icelandic poems refer to a good harvest being to the profit of all men and the Norse poem talks of the generosity of Frey or Ingwaz the God of fertility of the land, whose symbolic wagon was driven across the fields in a ceremony of fertilising the fields.

The rune is a version of the Biblical `As you sow, shall you reap; and if the cyclic progression of existence becomes stagnant, it is important to unblock any obstacles whether inner or outer to progress.