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Blockage, A period of Inactivity which can be used for Good, waiting for the Right Moment

Isa is the second Ice Rune and the fifth element in the Norse world. The single vertical form of the rune means that it is contained within every other rune, again a cosmic seed, described in the Norse poem as a `broad bridge’ and in the Icelandic verse as `roof of the waves’.

Isa can be seen as the ice of winter that freezes even the sea over and stops hunting and exploration, an external object to movement that can be used positively for reflection or planning . Alternatively Isa can be regarded as a bridge between dimensions that needs to be negotiated with care by those who are perhaps blinded by the fear of going forward. Isa is also the icy glacier flowing imperceptibly from Niflheim, indicating progress that seems slow but is occurring beneath the surface.