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Needs that can be met by action and reaction to external events, self-reliance, the desire for achievement, passion

Naudhiz, the second Fire Rune, is another of the cosmic forces which is recognised as being a shaping power which form the fates of the world and mankind. It is the spindle that generates the need fire by friction, the fire from within that is manifest externally, Need fires were lit from early times all over Northern Europe on festivals such as Beltane, (May Eve) the beginning of Summer and Samhain, (Halloween), on the Solstices and even today in the Christian Easter Eve ceremonies of burning the Judas Man in parts of Germany and Eastern Europe and rekindling the paschal candle. These were not only purging fires, but fires of new life and light, whose ashes fertilised the fields and which persuaded the sun to shine again.

It is a rune of want and desire that produces the "need-fire" that drives a man or woman to obtain that which he or she desires. Because of this naudhiz is associated with love magic.

The Old Norse poem makes the link between fire and ice, the ned-fire being kindled against the frist, inner and outer.