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Journeys, Travel , initiative, impetus and Change

RAIDHO is the symbol of the Wheel, portrayed in earlier symbolism as The Sun Wheel as it passes through the skies through its cycles of day and night and the year. It can also represent the wheel on the wagon of the Old Fertility Gods, as they gave new life to the fields, (see also the Rune Ing). Equally Raidho can be associated with the constellations of stars around the cosmic axis.

Raidho is the rune of the long and dangerous ride,`the worst for horses. The Norse poem refers also to the best sword being forged by Regin, the wise dwarf . Regin made for the young hero Sigurd a sword made from the pieces of his late father Sigmunds sword so powerful that it could not be broken. Thus armed, Sigurd rode to avenge his fathers death. Action and sometimes uncertainty are essential if we are to ride forward into life, but it is important, like Sigurd, to be well-prepared