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Protection, challenges, secrecy and Conflicts

Thurisaz is a rune of protection. It is associated with another harsh image, the thorn trees, although thorns can offer protection from intruders. Bramble or hawthorn bushes were used to hedge boundaries and were traditional in many parts of Europe around the dwellings of those who practiced magic. In the Norse and Icelandic poems, thorn is associated with the Thurs, a "giant" in the Old Norse. There were several groups of "rime-thurses" or frost-giants, who fought with the Gods and maintained the cosmic tension, for they represented the ancient rule before the Aesir came into being.

Because of this Thorn is a also a rune of challenge to those who seek to make change or go against outmoded tradition.

Thurisaz is also associated with Thor, God of Thunder and Courage who sought to protect Asgard, realm of the Gods from the Frost-Giants. Thor had a magical hammer, Mjollnir that always returned to his hand after it had reached its target. As well as defending the gods against the frost giants, Thor's hammer acted as a sacred symbol at marriages, births and funerals.

Indeed, the tradition of eloping and marrying at the forge at Gretna Green in Scotland recalls this ancient symbolism. In pre-Christian times, the sign of the hammer was made a sacred mark of protection and the thorn rune was drawn or signed to call upon offer similar power.